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What is Paxity?

Paxity is a platform that connects impact professionals and consultants with individuals and organizations that need to hire social impact talents, locally and globally, based on skills, experience, and expertise.  

Our mission is to empower the social impact community by democratizing access to opportunities for impact talents anywhere.

Looking for social impact job? Or seeking to hire impact talents?

Leverage our matching technology to help you personalize the jobs or talents you need based on verifiable metrics

  • Cut Time & Costs

    Source and hire 10x faster with smart, instant hiring features - and spend less time sourcing, more time hiring. 

  • Verified Talents

    Accessibility to competent and qualified impact talents no matter your budget, location or size of organization.

  • Qualified Matching

    Get qualified matches instantly when you post a job. Paxity shows you qualified talents that are perfect fit for the role.

  • Skill-Based Portfolio

    See the skills talents used in their previous projects to be confident they fit perfectly well before hiring. 

  • Perfect-Fit Jobs

    Get matched with jobs that align with your expertise. Prove your talent, and showcase your skills and capacities.

  • Insightful Analytics

    Increase diversity by using intelligent analytics to visualize metrics and make data-driven hiring decisions.  

How Paxity Works

A marketplace-approach to finding and hiring specialized impact talents.

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The Paxity Edge

The #1 marketplace to find and hire social impact talents instantly.

  • 10x Faster

    With our matching technology, it takes 48 hours or less to fill an open position when you use Paxity compared to traditional job boards. This saves you time and cost while meeting all your hiring needs.

  • 100% Impact-Focused

    Access an ecosystem of peacebuilding practitioners, development experts, global affairs experts, humanitarian specialists, and other related social impact professionals – all in one place.

  • 100% On-Demand

    Not your typical job board, recruiters can easily find their perfect match for any job from a network of social impact talents, globally, that are looking for opportunities – anytime and anywhere. 

Why Use Paxity?

Build faster with a pool of qualified impact talents with the hiring process made easy for you!

  • Get Qualified Applications

    Our matching algorithm ensures that only qualified talents apply to your jobs - this increases your hiring efficiency.

  • Chat & Video Interview

    Streamline communication by messaging and scheduling video interviews with candidates directly on our platform.  

  • Attract the best talent

    Paxity is designed to offer employers an organizational branding solution that reflects their values and culture.

  • Advanced Search Filters

    Find the perfect impact talent for the job. Filter top candidates by roles, expertise, experience, and more. 

  • Job Invitations

    Get invited to jobs you qualify for even before applying. Paxity updates you throughout the entire process.

  • 1-Click Application

    No more paper-fit resume or long forms! Find and apply to jobs in minutes with your Paxity profile and e-portfolio.

Interested in Paxity?

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